Girls Trip to Aruba – Aruba Marriott Resort


Girls Trip!!!! Ever since college, girls trips are my absolute fave! This time I went with my blogger friends, Dominique and Vicki. We stayed at the Aruba Marriott Resort for the entire 4 day vacation and it was absolutely amazing. Our room had an ocean view which is always amazing to wake up to.  You really don’t have to leave the resort if you are looking for just a relaxing vacation with a pool and beach. The pool comes with a bar in it as well. Which is uber important.  The Marriott also had a ton of fun activities from a band that played at Happy Hour to zumba classes on the beach.

Aruba Marriott Pool Waterfall

Dominique and I being rebels and actually getting our hair wet (haha) The main pool had this really awesome waterfall overflowing into it.

Sunset Marriott Aruba

I seriously “cannot even” with the sunsets in Aruba. They are to die for!

The blue water was my main attraction because I hadn’t seen some blue water in too long. There is something about blue water that feels so calming. Ugh, and it felt so silky smooth. Talking about it is making me miss it. If you are worried about traveling to the Caribbean during hurricane season don’t because Aruba is not in the hurricane path like many other Caribbean islands. It does get windy and that will make you think it is cool and you won’t get a sunburn. That would be a false assumption. Aruba is actually quite close to the Equator and therefore the sun is actually quite strong. Pack sunscreen if you are checking a bag because it’s actually quite expensive on the island.

The Aruba Marriott Resort has two pools – the main massive pool with a swim up pool bar and waterfalls. And the H2Oasis pool, which is an adult only pool. The adult pool, pictured below, was not only absolutely breathtaking but the sereneness of not having yelling and splashing children was absolutely lovely.

H2Oasis Aruba Marriott Adult Pool

Vicki and I had some Miami Vice’s at the swim up pool bar!

Aruba Marriott Pool Bar

The Happy Hour at the Lobby was absolutely fantastic. I would go back just to have another one of those drinks!

Happy Hour Aruba Marriott

Visual representations of how the beach in Aruba made me feel.

                    Marriott Aruba Aruba Marriott Palm Beach Aruba Palm Beach

More cute spots from around the hotel.

-The cocoon tree hanging things were so cute!

-The restaurant we had lunch in the hotel had this rustic beach bar that I was obsessing over.

– Gelato & Co honestly I could have camped out there the whole trip. If you go I definitely recommend trying everything haha


                    Aruba Marriott Cocoon Aruba Marriott Restaurant Aruba Marriott Gelato & Company

To me the most important thing on a trip is the activities and the amenities, but then again I also like to have a ton of space and a beautiful view from a beautiful room. OKAY, OKAY I like to spoil myself. Who doesn’t?

On a girls trip you do need to make sure you have enough room because you know as soon as you walk in an open up those suitcases that it can be a hot mess. Also, bathroom schedules and showering can be a nuisance. But our room was absolutely the perfect size. Two queen sized beds on the 7th floor with a view of the pool and Caribbean Sea. Fully staked with a walk in closet! UM, necessary on a girls trip! Also, two sinks which was separated from the toilet and shower. Literally heaven.

Aruba Marriott Resort-Tradewinds - Double Queen Bed

The Aruba Marriott main pool situation.

Aruba Marriott Resort-Tradewinds - Double Queen Bed

Great memories and time spent at the Aruba Marriott Resort. That is all but we will be back one day 🙂

Aruba Marriott Resort_ Boat and Resort Drone Shot

In search of my next adventure!

Aruba Samsonite

Love always



All photos on this page belong to Shaunie from @shaunieandthecity

and Aruba Marriott

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