Exuma Bahamas – Swimming with Pigs and Sharks


I am sure you’ve seen a ton of pictures on Instagram of the swimming pigs and even swimming with sharks. It is an incredible experience that I am so glad I got to experience! On our girls trip to the Bahamas we were dead set on making sure we spent a day experiencing Exuma.

Getting to Exuma

We actually stayed in Nassau, Bahamas so we actually booked a morning flight to Exuma a late afternoon return flight. The airplane is actually super small (maybe like 25 seats) and the flight is less than an hour. We booked a private boat which picked us up from the airport.

Bahamas Sandbar Exuma

Swimming with the Pigs

Because we weren’t on a tour with other people we asked our captain to take us to the beaches at opposite times than the tours so we wouldn’t have a bunch of other people also trying to interact with the animals at the same time. So he took us to swim with the pigs first.

Do not turn your backs to the pigs – especially with food in your hand. Remember these are wild animals. They will bite your bum.

Exuma Swimming with Pigs
Exuma Swimming with Pigs
Exuma Swimming with Pigs
Exuma Swimming with Pigs

Swimming with the Sharks in Exuma

This was what I was most excited about!! What I did not expect is how the sharks aren’t smooth, they actually have a rough feeling to their exterior. Feels more like sandpaper actually. Also, the staff would not allow us to use our cameras. They told us no professional photography – so be careful of carrying your cameras. We ended up shooting on our phones. If you prefer to shoot in RAW format be sure to have the Lightroom app set up on your phone prior to going because you will not have internet to download it. Make sure you have it set to take pictures in the correct format as well.

Sunbathing with Iguanas

Honestly – this was something I never thought I’d do but it was so fun to experience. My friend, Julianna, did get bit on her toe so do be careful!

iguanas Exuma Bahamas
Exuma Beach
Iguanas in Exuma

Sandbar in Exuma

The sandbar in the middle of the ocean was incredible. I cannot describe to you how absolutely breathtaking it was.

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