Believe in Yourself and Treat Yourself


How did I get where I am today? Way back in 2014, I started my Instagram profile. Originally, it was a place for my boyfriend and I to share our individual art. I was into photography and singing and he was into painting and acting. After the relationship dissolved, I let the profile just sit there.I would see influencers on Instagram and think I couldn’t do what they do because my photography skills were novice, to say the least.I didn’t look like those girls and I didn’t have an Instagram boyfriend, it seemed like all of these girls had one.

Back in August 2017, I went on a yacht trip in Croatia with some friends of mine that are AMAZING content creators. After the trip, I started to wonder: could I actually do this? And then I did something crazy. I decided to just believe in myself and treat myself when I succeeded.

It might sound absolutely ridiculous, but the power of believing in yourself against what others might say and think is a major component of what you need to succeed. You also must acknowledge that you don’t necessarily have all the tools and skills to achieve your goal but believe you can learn to do it and succeed anyway.

Martin Luther King said: “You don’t have to see the full staircase, just take the first step.”Meaning if you have a goal in mind, you should go after it without worrying about what the outcome will be. You will never succeed if you never start.

Last year at this time, I had been working on my page for a few months and probably had around 8K followers on Instagram. I was still taking pictures on my phone or on my point and shoot camera. I really didn’t know anything about photography at that point. I had just started learning Lightroom editing, but I wasn’t shooting in RAW yet. In March, I started shooting in RAW. I bought my Sony A7 in April. I didn’t know anything about aperture, shutter speed or ISO.I started by shooting in Aperture priority mode. I learned that a lower f/ gave me more of a blurred background so I bought a f/1.8 50mm lens in April aka treating myself. I had never shot in Manual before, I started shooting in manual in May. I had never emailed a hotel for a collaboration before, I got my first hotel collaboration in July. Before last month, I had never shot on a manual focus lens or on a tripod, now I know how to do both.

This photo below, I shot by myself, on a tripod with a remote on my phone in my kitchen. I couldn’t see the remote button because of lace over my face. But I was just blindly pressing and believing that I could get a good shot. Back to the full staircase analogy, I view my life as the full staircase. I keep taking steps even though I can’t see what will happen when I do but I believe I can get where I want to be.When I sat down to edit and finish this photo I took in my kitchen, I was kind of teary-eyed, because this is now my favorite photo I have ever taken and I did it all by myself. I didn’t need the “Instagram boyfriend” to take it, I just needed to believe in myself, and to treat myself along the way. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a vintage cut Sapphire ring because Sapphire is my birthstone and I just love a vintage ring.

This Vintage Inspired Emerald-Cut Sapphire Halo Ring was lent to me by Angara and they have also graciously sponsored this  “Believe in Yourself and Treat Yourself” message.

 Angara Jewelry - Believe in Yourself and Treat Yourself


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