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I’m Going Going Back Back to Cali Cali…

If you’ve followed me on Instagram or known me personally then you likely know that I once lived in San Diego, CA for 4 years. I consider San Diego to be my second home. This visit I didn’t make it down to San Diego – but I did visit Laguna Beach, Malibu, Los Angeles – Downtown Los Angeles, Venice Beach and Santa Monica. It was a hectic 6 days! I never really ventured to Los Angeles or the OC when I lived in San Diego, but I can see now that it was a mistake! During my visit I tried to hit as many LA Instagram locations as possible – as well as Laguna Beach and Malibu locations! So I am sharing some of my faves! Because you know these days we are all “doing it for the gram!”

Santa Monica Pier and Beach Instagram Spots

Santa Monica Lifeguard Tower - LA Instagram Locations

I have personally always wanted to be a Baywatch babe – doesn’t everyone?

We came across this super cute Lifeguard tower just to the left of the Santa Monica Pier. This is definitely one of my favorite pictures from the trip hence why it’s the first one I am sharing. This next shot is from a different side of the Lifeguard Tower where you can see all the fun that happens on the Santa Monica Pier behind me.

Santa Monica Pier Lifeguard Tower - LA Instagram Location

Of course, there are many Instagram worthy shots on the Santa Monica Pier as well!

Pier Burger is right on the Santa Monica Pier as well. How cute are these lights on this red and white patio?

If you go to California, you take pictures with Palm Trees. Because that is just what you do. Palm trees make me so happy. They literally lift my spirits when I see them.

Mariasol was such a cute yellow restaurant on the end of the Santa Monica Pier, so I had to take a picture in front of it! We didn’t get a chance to eat there but I have heard good things!

Mariasol Santa Monica Pier - LA Best Instagram Locations

Sunset at Santa Monica Pier I did not get but here are some great shots by my friends Amy Seder and Brandon Burkley from Awaylands.

Sunset Bikes on Santa Monica Beach - Best LA Instagram Locations

Sunset Bikes Santa Monica Pier - Best LA Instagram Locations

Another great photo location is right under the Santa Monica Pier.

Under Santa Monica Pier - Best LA Instagram Locations

Malibu Pier Instagram Locations

Malibu was everything I would have dreamed of. I previously had only seen Malibu on episodes of The Hills. If you are going to LA I would definitely suggest getting a car and riding up to Malibu for a day. This was my favorite day of my trip because there is just so many picturesque angles here.

Malibu Pier Malibu Farm ice cream - LA Instagram Locations

Trying to get my pose game on here.

Malibu Pier - Best LA Instagram Locations

This adorable pink bench with cute umbrellas to match are just to the left of the pier.

Malibu Pier Umbrella - LA Instagram Locations

This was the top deck of the Malibu Farm Pier Cafe, the food here was terrific and the Instagrammable opportunities were plenty!

I was working with Sudio on a headphones collaboration at the time and the Malibu Pier presented a great atmosphere to go with my headphones. I seriously love these headphones.

Venice Beach Instagram Locations

Abbot Kinney Boulevard has so many adorable stores that are super picturesque like this spot, Tumbleweed & Dandelion.

This adorable shot by The Sabah House with Amy Seder.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard Sabah House - Best LA Instagram Locations

My dream picture for Venice Beach was a picture of my friend and I rollerblading or even on bikes. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen but if you can make it happen – DO IT! I settled for people watching rollerbladers.

Venice Beach Rollerblading -LA Best Instagram Locations

Obviously the top Instagram location in Venice Beach LA is the Venice sign. If you come to LA – you have to get it. Here is a friends one of Amy Seder and I.

And a couples one of Brandon & Amy.

Couples Venice Beach Sign - Best LA Instagram Locations

Best Downtown LA Instagram Locations

The Last Bookstore in Downtown LA is basically Instagram heaven. So it had to make the Best LA Instagram Locations list for sure! Once upon a time, when I was 13, I was Belle in my school choir. So here I am trying to get that Belle look for ya. Haha!

Downtown LA The Last Bookstore - Best LA Instagram Locations

Even the walk between book shelves was adorable.

The Last Bookstore Downtown LA - Best LA Instagram Locations

Here is a different spot in The Last Bookstore with Amy.

The Last Bookstore Hole - Best LA Instagram Locations

The Broad Museum in Downtown LA has an exhibit called the Infinity Mirrored Room you have to wait on a list before going in but you can walk around the Museum while you wait.

The Broad Museum Infinity Room - Best LA Instagram Locations

While you wait to see the Infinity Mirror Room here is a piece of art you can check out: Under the Table Broad Museum is a piece by Robert Therrien. Alice in Wonderland vibes.

Under the Table Broad Museum - Best LA Instagram Locations

The Bradbury Building as you can see has the most epic staircases in LA. And you know Instagram loves some epic staircases so that’s what landed the Bradbury Building on the Best LA Instagram location list. However, You cannot go up farther than this as it is roped off and their are security guards.

Bradbury Building Staircase Downtown LA - Best LA Instagram Locations

So those are all the locations that I managed to get in LA, but there are many more! Here are some locations that were on my list but we didn’t get to:

Hollywood sign – Obviously this is the picture that you want to get for sure while you visit LA but we didn’t manage to get there. This is likely THE Best LA Instagram Location – I didn’t get it so ::facepalm:: but I am featuring some pictures my friends @AmySeder and @BBurkley from Awaylands have taken to give you some inspiration. #inspo

Click here for details on the hike

My friend, Amy Seder, on the hike up to the Hollywood sign with Lisa Homsy.

Views from the top of the Hollywood sign from Amy Seder.

LA Hollywood Sign Best LA Instagram Locations

Griffith Observatory – Not only is this a sick view but it is a sick view with the Hollywood sign right in it.

Check out this amazing shot of Amy Seder and Lisa Homsy getting that perfect angle on the Hollywood sign from the Griffith Observatory.

Griffith Observatory Hollywood Sign - Best LA Instagram Locations

Mel’s Drive-In Diner – The vibes of this Diner are just everything. There are so many Instagrammable possibilities! As you can see from some of Amy & Brandon‘s photos below!

Mel’s Drive-In featuring: Amy Seder, Lisa Homsy and Quigley from @officiallyquigley

Mel's Drive-In Diner - Best LA Instagram Locations

Such a cute shot with a Mel’s milkshake by Amy.

Mel's Driv-In Diner Counter - Best LA Instagram Locations

So many good things on the menu at Mel’s Drive-In by Amy.

Mel's Drive-In DIner Menu - Best LA Instagram Locations


Such an adorable shot of Quigley, Lisa and Amy.

Girls at Hollywood Boulevard - Best LA Instagram Locations

Such a cute shot of Amy and the Palm Tree in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills - Best LA Instagram Locations

Venice Beach Canals – This was obviously high on my list as well.

These were my personal favorites but obviously there are so many more spots. I hope that you can add to this list of Best LA Instagram Locations and that you will find some of mine as inspiration that you can take to the next level!

Love Always!



All photos featured on this blog were taken by Amy Seder, Brandon Burkley or I (Shaunie Begley) and belong to those respective parties.

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