New Turf Club – Brooklyn’s Best Rooftop Bars


New Turf Club at Westlight is One of Brooklyn’s Best Rooftop Bars

The Turf Club at WestlightWilliam Vale 

The Turf Club seems to be Brooklyn’s best kept secret as I only recently discovered it! This spot is NYC’s best lawn party. The Turf Club has the perfect combination between California style and New York skylines, which is why I think it’s one of Brooklyn’s best rooftop bars. I love the outdoor bar lawn party west coast style mixed with skyscraper views that are New York City’s calling card. The Turf Club has an epic view fully equipped with Giant Jenga, Twister, Mega Connect 4, Cornhole, Foosball tables and more importantly popcorn! My friend, Jena, and I had a great Sunday Funday there just the other weekend! The Turf Club is a floor above Westlight’s rooftop bar and restaurant. It is open Friday 4pm-dark and Saturdays and Sundays 2pm-dark. The cover is $20 to get in and it also covers one drink.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I am always looking for the spots that are “Instagrammable” or “Instagram-worthy,” so you know I was throughly impressed with this location which is why it ended up getting its own blog post.

Check out these Instagram photo opportunities!

I think this next picture speaks for itself on why The Turf Club is one of Brooklyn’s best rooftop bars. It shouts Instagrammable!

Sitting back relaxing with a Aperol Spritz enjoying these city views? It really doesn’t get much better than that!

Turf Club Westlight - Brooklyn's Best Rooftop Bars Instagram

Relaxing on a summer day on these super cute bean bag chairs is not too bad.

Turf Club Westlight Best Brooklyn Rooftop Bar Instagram

This is how you will usually find me. Also, I discovered Montauk Summer Ale and I am seriously loving it! It is my new go-to summer beer.

Montauk Beer Turf Club Westlight - Brooklyn's Best Rooftop Bars Instagram

My friend, Jena, loves flamingo decor so she was stoked to see these guys had also showed up to the party. And we all know how Instagrammable Flamingos are!

Turf Club Flamingos - Brooklyn's Best Rooftop Bars Instagram


I won Twister because I played alone haha.

Turf Club Brooklyn's best rooftop Bar

Okay Jumbo Jenga is basically a cool bar staple these days, you cannot be labeled a cool bar if you don’t have them. As you can see I caught Jena cheating on camera here. Using two hands! But, honestly, it was so hot that day that the blocks were sticking together. So, we will give her a pass on this one.

Jumbo Jenga Turf Club Westlight - Brooklyn's Best Rooftop Bars Instagram

Jena looking at me like “I don’t know why you are so happy, you are going to lose at cornhole” haha!

Cornhole Turf Club Westlight - Brooklyn's Best Rooftop Bars Instagram

Rooftop Hangs at the Turf Club.

Turf Club Hangs - Brooklyn's Best Rooftop Bars Instagram

You can play foosball on top of Brooklyn.

Foosball Turf Club Westlight - Brooklyn's Best Rooftop Bars

Downstairs at the Westlight – Best Brooklyn Rooftop Bar

Downstairs at their bar and restaurant, you can also check out their telescopes for a real up close look at the city and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Westlight Views of Brooklyn Bridge - Brooklyn's best rooftop bars


These were my photo ideas for The Turf Club but obviously there are so many more shots. I hope that you can add to this to your list of rooftop spots to visit this summer. And I hope that you will find some of my photos as inspiration that you can take to the next level! Make it Instagrammable!


Love Always!



All photos on this page belong to Shaunie from @shaunieandthecity

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