We all know that having a new stylish workout outfit gives you that extra umph you need to get your butt to the gym. We also know that shopping for a bra is a pain in the neck .. literally and figuratively. And we all have that one sports bra that we naturally gravitate towards because it’s the best and most attractive. Personally I am always stoked when my favorite sports bra is newly out of the laundry and I can wear it again. Am I right? My current favorite is my new REEBOK PureMove Sports Bra.

If you’ve been following along for a while, you probably have realized I am a pretty chesty girl and finding a bra that fits me and feels comfortable during my work out can be quite difficult. And that’s not even taking into consideration the day after a run with a sports bra that lacks support. OMG, the pain! The crazy thing is research shows that 70% of women are wearing the wrong sports bra and I feel like that stems from the fact that so many women don’t even know their real bra size. I really hope to share this message because I hope to help women feel more confident in finding the right bra size and sports bra for them.

For me, REEBOK’s new PureMove Sports Bra has been a total game changer, they have developed this bra with motion sense technology. This way the bra reacts to your movement to give you a feeling as though it’s not even there! For me, I usually feel as though I am completely compacted in a sports bra and need to squeeze to get out of it. You’ll still be supported even in the most intense HIIT workout circuit. But the thing I love the most is that this bra is really made with women’s different sizes in mind. They come in ten different sizes and they have a whole page dedicated to helping you find the best size for you!

I personally love when a brand really goes the extra mile.

Reebok PureMove

PureMove Reebok

This blog post is sponsored by Reebok, the opinions are my own.



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