Shaunie and the City

Hey Y’all! First I just have to say thanks so much for coming and visiting my website! SERIOUSLY! It means so much to me! I really started Shaunie and the City as a way to create and inspire others. Growing up I was a singer and I always thought that was what I wanted to […]

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Best Way of Getting Over a Breakup

My Breakup Story Changed Everything – In a Good Way In my Instagram post yesterday I mentioned that I once lived in San Diego. Most people assume I moved there for college. But, really, I finished college and moved there with my boyfriend of four years who joined the military. We actually broke up only […]

Bar65 Rainbow Room-NYCs Best Rooftop Bars

NYCs Best Rooftop Bars – Instagrammable

What are NYCs Best Rooftop Bars? More importantly what are NYC’s best Instagrammable rooftop bars? Whenever a friend of mine comes to visit NYC they always want to know what are NYCs best rooftop bars.  Being born and raised in Brooklyn, I never realized the rooftop bars were such a hot commodity. There are many […]

Malibu Farm Pier Cafe Instagram - Best LA Instagram Locations

Best LA Instagram Locations

My LA Instagram Locations I’m Going Going Back Back to Cali Cali… If you’ve followed me on Instagram or known me personally then you likely know that I once lived in San Diego, CA for 4 years. I consider San Diego to be my second home. This visit I didn’t make it down to San Diego […]