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What are NYCs Best Rooftop Bars?

More importantly what are NYC’s best Instagrammable rooftop bars?

Whenever a friend of mine comes to visit NYC they always want to know what are NYCs best rooftop bars.  Being born and raised in Brooklyn, I never realized the rooftop bars were such a hot commodity. There are many rooftop bars in NYC but being an Instagrammer I am always thinking of the most picturesque views. When I am on vacation I always want to get the best images and I assume so do most other people. So, over the past couple weeks I have put together my personal favorite rooftop bars in NYC with Instagrammable views or decor.

Bar 65 -NYCs Best Rooftop Bars

Many people have Top of the Rock on their list of places to visit in NYC because of the epic views. However, Bar 65 at the Rainbow Room is only 5 floors down from the Top of the Rock. With an outdoor space to walk around. Obviously, the views and space are not the same. But, if you want to spend your money on a drink instead of a ticket for Top of the Rock then get this view.


Bar 65 - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

Gallow Green  -NYCs Best Rooftop Bars

The Gallow Green is absolutely beautiful for all of it’s greenery and old school appeal. But, the manager was not too keen on us taking pictures, hence the one photo. Which is a bummer for such a picturesque location. If you shoot with a cellphone you’ll likely be fine but our cameras drew attention.


Gallow Green - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars

Pod 39 Rooftop -NYCs Best Rooftop Bars

I actually have to say Pod 39 is likely my personal favorite out of the rooftops in Manhattan. Not only does it offer a stunning view of both the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building but the decor is out of this world. After getting out of the elevator it’s like you are no longer in NYC. Ivy covered brick archways with dazzling string lights and Mexican tiled tabletops – I am basically in my own heaven here. I am all about the decor. It feels like you are hoisted on a European cloud looking out over Manhattan.

Pod 39 view - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

See what I mean? These brick arches give me life! Along with my margarita.

Pod 39 Cheers - NYC Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

In other news, I loveee their margaritas!

Pod 39 drinks - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

1 Rooftop Brooklyn Bridge – NYCs Best Rooftop Bars

If you are planning to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge from NYC to Brooklyn you might as well reward yourself afterwards with a drink and a view of your feat. 1 Rooftop Bar has the best rooftop view of the Brooklyn Bridge. ANDD you even get the Freedom Tower as well.

1 Rooftop Bar - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagram

Brooklyn Bridge and Freedom Tower in one photo? Now that is Instagrammable!

1 Rooftop Bar - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

230 Fifth -NYCs Best Rooftop Bars

230 Fifth is the go-to NYC rooftop spot and likely the spot most people will tell you to go to. It is right slap in the middle of NYC and an AMAZING view of the Empire State Building. They are still open during the winter months with heated igloos and spiked hot cider drinks. Either way this rooftop bar is definitely one of NYCs best rooftop bars.

Very excited about my first Happy Hour drink and these stunning views. That is the Woolworth building behind me!

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagram

I mean everyone does twirls for a view of the Empire State Building, right?

230 Fifth Rooftop- NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagram

St Cloud at the Knickerbocker Hotel -NYCs Best Rooftop Bars

St Cloud is in my opinion the best rooftop bar in Times Square. You can see all the Broadway billboard advertisements from this  cathedral looking rooftop bar.

String lights make me very happy as you can see!

St Cloud - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

This table was actually not reserved for me… but I sat there anyway for a second.

St Cloud views - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

Attempting to be one of the flowers.

St Cloud greenery - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

Checking out the view from up top.

St Cloud view - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

Penthouse 808 -NYCs Best Rooftop Bars

And now I take you to Queens – Long Island City! From Penthouse 808 you get breathtaking views of the city and the Queensboro bridge! Their menu is a fantastic Pacific Rim inspired food blend – Asian and Hawaiian. Their drinks are fantastic! I had their “Ring of Fire” that I highly recommend!

Here you can see the view of the Queensboro bridge.

Penthouse 808 drinks - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagram worthy

Unfortunately it was on and off raining the day I went so they had the roof out but we got a few pictures anyway.

Penthouse 808 views - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

As always I had a good time!

Penthouse 808 -NYC Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

Azul on the Rooftop-NYCs Best Rooftop Bars

Azul on the Rooftop is at the top of Hotel Hugo and has a great menu with frozen drinks and tacos. And of course the closest Rooftop bar view of the Freedom Tower on this list. This bar takes it’s cue from Old Havana and has super cute decor. Unfortunately, when I went to take pictures, it was packed and I was unable to really showcase the entire aesthetic of this rooftop. But whether it is packed or not you can still get a shot like this!

Azul Rooftop - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

The Roof at Viceroy – NYCs Best Rooftop Bars

The Roof at the Viceroy Hotel has the best rooftop views of Central Park. I can’t wait to come back here when it’s Fall and get all those pretty Autumn colors! This was also a very overcast day so the lighting wasn’t perfection.

The Roof Viceroy - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

Turf Club at WestlightWilliam Vale -NYCs Best Rooftop Bars

This location is NYC’s best lawn party – in Brooklyn of course! The Turf Club is above Westlight’s rooftop bar and restaurant. The Turf Club has 360 views of the city – Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler Building – you name it you can see it! They also are equipped with Giant Jenga, Twister, Mega Connect 4, Cornhole, Foosball and most importantly popcorn! My friend, Jena, and I had a great Sunday Funday there a few weekends ago! For more photos of this location read more here!

Turf Club Westlight - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagram

This is how you will usually find me.

Montauk Beer Turf Club Westlight - NYCs Best Rooftop Bar Instagrammable

Jena loves flamingo decor so she was stoked to see these guys.

Turf Club Flamingos - Best NYC Rooftop Bars

Downstairs at the Westlight

Westlight Views of Brooklyn Bridge - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagramable

The Heights  -NYCs Best Rooftop Bars

When they named this bar “The Heights” they weren’t kidding! If you’re afraid of heights be careful where you step here. They are well known for their glass bottom floor. So, if you dare you can stand over and look down 31 floors to the street! My friend Ivonne and I did dare – “we did it for the ‘gram!” Pictures below!

It wouldn’t be Instagrammable if you didn’t do a twirl.

The Heights view - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

This was a perfect weather day for a rooftop!

The Heights Rooftop Drinks - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

Only thing between us and the concrete is this glass.

The Heights Glass Floor - NYCs Best Rooftop Bars Instagrammable

I definitely bit off more than I can chew with this blog as rooftop bar hours of operation, weather and corporate parties made getting all these photos very difficult but I hope you like the results! Hope you find these suggestions helpful! Happy shooting in my city!


Love always





All photos on this page belong to Shaunie from @shaunieandthecity


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