Shaunie and the City

Hey Y’all! First I just have to say thanks so much for coming and visiting my website! SERIOUSLY! It means so much to me! I really started Shaunie and the City as a way to create and inspire others. Growing up I was a singer and I always thought that was what I wanted to […]

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In N Out California

California Road Trip

The California Road Trip Guide One of my favorite places to visit in the world is California, especially San Diego. Particularly because I used to live there. I try to visit every year. Although I used to live in San Diego for four years there is so much of California that I still haven’t seen. […]

Reebok PureMove


We all know that having a new stylish workout outfit gives you that extra umph you need to get your butt to the gym. We also know that shopping for a bra is a pain in the neck .. literally and figuratively. And we all have that one sports bra that we naturally gravitate towards […]

Best Way of Getting Over a Breakup

My Breakup Story Changed Everything – In a Good Way In my Instagram post yesterday I mentioned that I once lived in San Diego. Most people assume I moved there for college. But, really, I finished college and moved there with my boyfriend of four years who joined the military. We actually broke up only […]

Bar65 Rainbow Room-NYCs Best Rooftop Bars

NYCs Best Rooftop Bars – Instagrammable

What are NYCs Best Rooftop Bars? More importantly what are NYC’s best Instagrammable rooftop bars? Whenever a friend of mine comes to visit NYC they always want to know what are NYCs best rooftop bars.  Being born and raised in Brooklyn, I never realized the rooftop bars were such a hot commodity. There are many […]